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West Egg is almost here! Our newest scent has been produced in collaboration with Chatillon Lux and perfectly fits all the gilded glamour of the roaring 20s .

From Chatilon Lux:

In West Egg, the boundless optimism of new money and post-war exuberance are exemplified by the endlessly popping champagne bottles in the opulent mansion of Jay Gatsby. This effervescence and joie de vivre are captured in the champagne accord of West Egg. It combines a white grape note with the sparkling aldehydes that were so common in perfumery during the Roaring 20s along with fruity notes and oakwood extract to give the notes of a fully matured bottle of champagne. Each use of West Egg represents a luxurious and uplifting feeling in the same way that a sip of fine champagne can make you feel that the perfect night will last forever.

Our newest collaboration with Chatillon Lux has been made exclusively for the members of r/Wetshaving and will be available at noon on April 6th. The limited edition shave soap will be available for purchase on our site, and you can buy the matching aftershave and fragrance at As a bonus, anybody who purchases a full set of soap, splash, and fragrance will be entered into a drawing to win one of three West Egg-themed shaving brushes made by Stephen Joiner at Dogwood Handcrafts! Winners will be notified by email and in a special announcement on r/Wetshaving.