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Chasing Sunsets

Storybook Soapworks

I remember my first time watching the sunset from my surfboard. I had only surfed a few times before, and my new dormmates had convinced me to join them for a surf “sesh” one afternoon. As we scrambled down Sunset Cliffs and made our way past the break, I could only think about the next set and how to brace myself for each new wave. I was an inexperienced surfer, and it was a challenge just to stand on my board, much less catch the towering waves on a break that isn’t known for being friendly to newcomers. We spent hours in the water, catching whatever waves we could. That afternoon, cold and wet and exhausted, I should have felt miserable. But as the sun stretched itself over the horizon, I felt a new joy in me. To be in nature, caught up in the enthusiastic chaos of the moment, gave me a freedom I hadn’t know before. The soft pinks and washed-out blues that lingered in the sky guided us back to the shoreline, where we dragged our stiff legs and wet-noodle arms up the cliffs. Looking out from the top, it was beyond breathtaking. The sun slowly slipped below a blanket of water, leaving me warmed by the new experience. It was the first of many evenings on my board, surrounded by friends and lit by a backsplash of warm hues and shining waves. While I may not live there now, I still consider San Diego to be my home, and I will forever be chasing its sunsets.

Chasing Sunsets is a love letter to SoCal and the sunny days I spent there. The fragrance opens with a bright citrus accord that rides along a wave of aquatic notes and sea spray. This blend settles into a dark and warm base of patchouli, musk and sandalwood, which is sure to stay with you through the sun’s last rays.

Chasing Sunsets will be released as a limited-edition scent for the 2019 SoCal Wetshavers Meetup on June 29th. While we will have a number of sets on hand for the meetup, we wanted to open up the opportunity for everyone to bring home a piece of SoCal. Chasing Sunserts is available for preorder in our signature soap, splash, and EdT, and all orders will be shipped out July 3rd. For those of you who are going to the meet but want to buy a set beforehand, just leave a note with your order and I will hand deliver it at the meet! The preorder will close on June 8th, so don’t miss it!

Our Newest Story

Storybook Soapworks

West Egg is almost here! Our newest scent has been produced in collaboration with Chatillon Lux and perfectly fits all the gilded glamour of the roaring 20s .

From Chatilon Lux:

In West Egg, the boundless optimism of new money and post-war exuberance are exemplified by the endlessly popping champagne bottles in the opulent mansion of Jay Gatsby. This effervescence and joie de vivre are captured in the champagne accord of West Egg. It combines a white grape note with the sparkling aldehydes that were so common in perfumery during the Roaring 20s along with fruity notes and oakwood extract to give the notes of a fully matured bottle of champagne. Each use of West Egg represents a luxurious and uplifting feeling in the same way that a sip of fine champagne can make you feel that the perfect night will last forever.

Our newest collaboration with Chatillon Lux has been made exclusively for the members of r/Wetshaving and will be available at noon on April 6th. The limited edition shave soap will be available for purchase on our site, and you can buy the matching aftershave and fragrance at As a bonus, anybody who purchases a full set of soap, splash, and fragrance will be entered into a drawing to win one of three West Egg-themed shaving brushes made by Stephen Joiner at Dogwood Handcrafts! Winners will be notified by email and in a special announcement on r/Wetshaving.

New Website!

Storybook Soapworks

As part of our commitment to you, we have upgraded our e-commerce platform to Squarespace! As we transition to this new platform, please reach out to us if you have any feedback or concerns. For privacy, we have removed all user accounts from our previous site, and we encourage you to make a new account to keep up to date on all the latest news and to improve your checkout experience. Enjoy!

New EdPs on the way!

Storybook Soapworks

We’re so excited to share our newest offerings with you! After tons of positive feedback, we have designed EdPs for Hallward’s Dream and Visions and Revisions. This limited run will be available at noon on April 6th and will last until we run out, so don’t miss them! These fragrances will come in our new fragrance bottles, which feature a square face and an easy to use atomizer.